My name is Fleur Kolk (1976). I am a bridal sales trainer for bridal stores. I have almost ten years of experience in selling wedding dresses. My clients are in the Netherlands and the UK, but I have written a manual which I sell worldwide.

Bridal stores ask my advice when:

  • The sales team is not selling enough
  • The sales team is stuck and needs some motivation and fresh ideas.

Next to this I write articles and I have written an E-Book course about selling in bridal.

I worked as a manager for a large bridal store in the Netherlands for six years. When I started working in bridal it was like coming home. That feeling that everything makes sense all of a sudden. After being a nightclub owner, a vintage clothing store owner and an art gallery owner it was about time for something to stick!

While working at the store I always felt that I needed to write down the things that I had learned. In 2013 I decided to do just that and start my own business as a bridal sales trainer. I published the first edition of my book in 2014.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the manual.