Brides are often browsing online looking for dresses they like. With so many different options on the internet, how do you get that bride to come back to your bridal store website and into your store afterwards? A lot of bridal stores design a really good looking site but usually forget the most important elements:

  1. getting the brides details via e-mail or connecting her through social media
  2. giving brides a reason to return to the website.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve the quality of your bridal store website:

  1. Have your social media icons visible so brides can easily like or befriend you. When they like you on social media, you’ll have a chance to contact them in the future. By creating valuable content for brides on your social media pages you can get brides back to your website and into your store.
  2. Add a social media share it button to your pages. This way people can share the dresses they like on their own Facebook or Twitter page.
  3. Have a gallery with your collection of wedding dresses on your website. When you have a gallery with your beautiful dresses on your website you will get a lot more brides to return to your website and browse. Brides love browsing dresses and if they see dresses that they like they will certainly bookmark or Pin these dresses to their Pinterest page so they can find them again. If you don’t show your collection, then you don’t give brides much of a reason to return to your site.
  4. Have an active blog with interesting articles for the bride-to-be. A blog does not only generate lots of traffic but it’s also a great way to get brides to return to you website. You have to be active (write once or twice a week at least) and really give brides the kind of articles that they are looking for: 10 shopping tips for finding the perfect dress or How to create the perfect bridal look. Even if you can’t write once or twice a week, it is still great for your SEO to write ten good articles for your blog with the keywords related to bridal and to your store.
  5. Sign up to our newsletter button on the front page of your website. Even though only a few people give their e-mail voluntarily, it is still good to try. Make it more attractive by adding a tagline like: Get free updates about our discounts and sample sales. This might motivate a bride to leave her details.
  6. Ask brides to write a testimonial and add a gallery with pictures from brides that got married in a dress from your store.
  7. Make sure your website is responsive! More than 50% of brides visits your website on their mobile phone.

Write a free E-book that brides can download on your website. This way you can collect their details and approach them for an appointment at your store. The E-book should obviously be on a bridal related topic like 50 Ways to entertain your guest on your wedding day. It will take you a day or two to write a nice E-book but brides will appreciate your efforts very much and are likely to make an appointment with you.

Here are five website that I think are great for brides:

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