To help a bride find the perfect dress you have to know what looks good on which body type. But also what are the most common problem areas and body issues for brides and what are the solutions to these problems. It is your job to make the bride look as beautiful as she can be on her wedding day. Let’s look at the most common problem areas that brides are confronted with and find out what we can do to help.

Your waist should be the smallest part of your body. Most of us have a little bit of a belly, but there are many ways to camouflage this. Here are some tips to help create a beautiful waist:

1) Diagonal rushing or pleating will camouflage the belly in the best possible way.
2) A bridal belt can help accentuate the waist
3) With a lace up back you can pull the waist tightly and change the shape of the waist.
4) If you have a short torso then wear a gown with a natural waist. It will make you appear longer.
5) Straight gowns should be avoided since they don’t enhance the waist and make a bride look straight.
6) Wear a bridal corset underneath your dress to correct your belly and waist.

Being tall is great because tall brides can wear almost any dress. However for a petite dress it is much harder to find a gown. First of all most dresses are so long that it is almost impossible to get an idea of what it will look like. Here are my tips for brides with a height issue:

1) A tall bride should avoid wearing an empire waist. This waist will make her look even taller. On the other hand this style is perfect for a petite bride.
2) If a bride is not only tall but also has a long neck then avoid a V-neckline since it lengthens the neck.
3) For a petite bride it is important not to choose heavy fabrics, since they will look overwhelming on her. Go for lighter fabrics.
4) Don’t choose a dress that will overpower a petite dress. A ball gown is great but a beaded bodice and a full skirt will most certainly overpower her small frame.
5) Avoid dresses with dropped waist or mermaid style dresses because they will make a petite bride look smaller. A natural waist or a fit and flare is a better option for her.
6) For a petite bride it is better to wear a shorter veil. A long veil will also make her appear shorter.

One of the most common worries that brides have is a large bust. Brides with a large cup size are often hesitant to try on strapless gowns because they want a modest look without too much cleavage. Some brides are the opposite and want to show a lot of cleavage. Here are my tips for helping brides with either a small or a large cup size.

1) A sweetheart neckline accentuates curves so this is great for a bride with a small cup size but might not work with a large cup size.
2) V-necklines and halter tops often show a lot of cleavage.
3) Padded bra cups can be sown into the gown in order to give the chest more fullness.
4) Rushing or embellishments will also add fullness. Be careful with a beaded bodice when you have a large bust.
5) A full skirt will create balance for a bride with a large chest.
6) A strapless gown that is completely straight can make your chest look massive. Consider adding a small curve to the neckline during alterations.

Uncertainties about the hips might be the most common body complaint by brides after the waist. Here are my tips on how to embrace curves and create balance:

1) An A-line or ball gown silhouette will camouflage larger hips since they will be well hidden underneath the skirt.
2) Tip-of-the-shoulder or off-the-shoulder necklines can balance out heavier hips.
3) A mermaid silhouette accentuates the hips. So if you have full hips and you are trying to cover them up then this is not the right style for you.
4) Adding a belt can accentuate a waist, but can also make the hips appear fuller.
5) Straight horizontal seems or pleating will make your body appear wider.

Arms can be tricky. A lot of brides either find their arms to full or not toned enough, while other brides consider their arms actually too toned and therefore a bit masculine. They are tempted to wear sleeves, but as you know the selection of gowns with long sleeves is rather limited. Here are my tips for helping brides that have insecurities with their arms.

1) A sleeve often makes an arm appear larger, so for slim arms this can be a solution but for brides with already heavy arms this can have the opposite effect. The heavier the
material the more the larger the arm will appear. For fuller arms it is better to wear a sheer or a lace sleeve.
2) A halter dress will pull attention to the arms and shoulders. Visually the shoulders will appear wider with a halter neckline.
3) A cap sleeve will cover the shoulders and upper arm of a bride, without completely covering her arms. The cap sleeves will make her feel more covered and might give her
the confidence to not focus on her arms too much.
4) A stole or a bolero jacket can cover up the arms of the bride but will still give her the freedom to take it off during the party.
5) Three quarter length sleeves are often more flattering and a bit more modern looking then long sleeves.
6) Gloves can work for brides that are insecure about their wrist, however be aware that wearing gloves can actually accentuate the upper arm.

Your shoulders generally should be about the same width as your hips. Here are my tips on how to best show off your shoulders:

1) An A-line or a full skirt will bring the shoulders in balance with the rest of her body.
2) A halter neckline will emphasize the shoulders. When the bride is broad this is not the best choice for her, however it is a great option for a bride with narrow shoulders.
3) Tip-of-the-shoulder or off-the-shoulder necklines broaden the shoulders. Making it the perfect neckline for brides with narrow shoulders.
4) Avoid a sheath gown with broad shoulders. The bride will look even wider at the top when her skirt doesn’t flare out.

I hope that these tips will help you cover all of the problem areas that brides have and help find her the perfect gown. If you want more helpful styling and sales tips for your bridal store?

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