In my course ‘Selling in Bridal‘ I talk about the 5 steps you can take to improve your selling skills. One of these is improving your product knowledge. Knowing your product will increase your level of confidence which is one of the most important qualities to have as a bridal consultant. Giving room to doubt or coming across as uninformed will not make the bride trust you enough to buy a dress from you. To become an expert in your field should be your focus point while training to become a great bridal consultant.

One of the things I personally find very affective is to organize a day for your consultants with your main producers. They can explain your consultants the vision of the brand and the consultants can ask questions and get a better connection with the brand. Knowing the people behind the brand will make it more personal to them. Another great idea is to put together a brand book. Describe the brands and also add notes on all of the available options that this brand offers. ‘Can you order extra fabrics?’, ‘Do they offer extra length?’ and ‘What is the delivery time?’. Place this book behind the counter so every consultant has the opportunity to look things up at any time. So here is chapter 5.2 from ‘Selling in Bridal’.

What you must know about your product in order to sell it?

  • What are the brands in your store and what is the style of the brand?
  • What other popular brands are out there?
  • What styles of bridal dresses are there (ball gown, princess style fishtail) and which of these are available in your store?
  • Is the dress you are trying to sell from the latest collection?
  • What is the delivery time of the dresses?
  • Do the dresses have other color options?
  • What are the materials used for bridal dresses?
  • Know the price of the dress.
  • Are there extra product options like extra length, matching veils, or belts available?
  • What sort of accessories exists and how to wear them.

How to get the information you need about your product?

  • Talk to your distributors. A great way to do this is to have a ‘supplier’s day’ at the beginning of the selling season. Ask your most popular suppliers to come in and do a one hour presentation for your staff. This will give them the opportunity to explain all there is to know about their product and it will give your team the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the face behind the brand. This information will give the sales team extra confidence.
  • Listen to your brides. By listening to their questions you will get an idea of the issues brides have concerning wedding dresses.
  • Ask your colleagues. Colleagues who have been selling the product longer than you are a valuable source of information. Spending time watching and listening to other consultants is time well spent.
  • Use the Internet. Go online and visit the website of your brands. See how the brand is presented online. The way they shoot their product or the tone they use on their Facebook page is a good way to find out how the brand is positioning itself. Check if they have a story about how they got started, where they are from and the philosophy behind the brand.

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