sellThe last ten years my fascination has been to find the most effective way of selling brides a wedding dress. The most challenging aspect remains finding the perfect balance between creating a special and unique experience for the bride, but also making sure she leaves the store having purchased a dress with you. There are techniques and rules that make selling dresses easier but there is one thing more important than everything else…you have to actually like people! In this case people are your brides.

Lately I have been feeling more and more upset by the way bridal consultants talk about brides. All I seem to hear are consultants complaining about how brides are not living up to their expectations. It can be as crazy as the last name of the bride, which leaves them doubtful whether she can even afford to buy a wedding dress. Or it can be what she is wearing on the day, which makes certain consultants come to the conclusion that this particular bride is too poor to buy a dress, basically it can be anything!

These are all excuses and pre-assumptions that will make selling dresses a lot harder. When you work from a perspective of really wanting to help any bride find her dress your work will not only become a lot more pleasant, but you will also sell more. Your likeability will go up, which is a huge factor in a bride’s decision making process.

“There is only one way under heaven to get anybody to do anything. And that is by making the other person want to do it. Remember, there is no other way.” – Abraham Lincoln

So don’t forget even if you work in bridal for a long time that you mustn’t forget to love what you do! You are part of a very special day in someone’s live. If you do a good job, then you can make a difference. You can be that person that makes her feel more confident and beautiful than she has ever felt before.

Never forget that every bride that walks through your door needs a dress. Don’t let appearance stand in your way. Give the same effort to every single bride. Even if her last name is foreign to you, if her cloths look a bit old or she didn’t bring what you consider the perfect entourage, she still needs a dress and you have the opportunity to help her find it. Also remember that even if your effort doesn’t sell this particular bride a dress it might help you sell a dress in the future to her friend or co-worker who hears about what a wonderful job you did.

You have an amazing job and an opportunity every single day to make somebody happy. Be grateful for that and use it the right way. Results will follow!