Often brides ask for two different looks, one for during the day and one for the party at night. Often they don’t have the budget to buy two dresses but there are many ways in which you can create a new look just for that one dress. The are so many fun options for styling brides, but creating two options for the same day is one of my favorites. Adding accessories is one way, but with jackets, straps and fabric you can really create some unique looks. I will show you how to change a look around using one of my favorite Stella York dresses.

Adding color

A simple way to change the look of a dress is to add some color. I have chosen for a pink ribbon with a brooch and a necklace in the same color. Cute and very simple.

one wedding dress two looks

Cover the shoulders

Sometimes it is not appropriate to wear a strapless dress in church. A simple and very cute way to cover your shoulders is to add a tule or organza cover-up for the shoulders. You can attach it with snaps so it can easily be removed for the party at night.

one wedding dress two looks

Add some bling

For this look I added a pair of lace embroidered cap sleeves and a beaded belt. It will transform the look of the bride from stylish sophisticated to ready to party!

one wedding dress two looks

Add lace jacket

I absolutely love the separate lace jackets that you can combine with dresses. Nowadays you can choose from many options. This lace jacket gives a classic sophisticated look during the day and the bride can wear the strapless dress at night for the party. Easy but very stylish!

one wedding dress two looks

More color

This last option is for a bride that is not afraid to go bold with color. I have changed her lace up into a colored version and also added a necklace with color and a belt. The best way to attach the belt when you create a color lace up is to attach it to the dress with some snaps where the lace up begins. You can choose any color to create this look. It will look very cool!

one wedding dress two looks

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