The best Facebook posts for your bridal store

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The best Facebook posts for your bridal store

Stores that I work for often ask me how they can get noticed on social media. I’ll be honest: Nowadays it is harder and harder to get under the spotlight. Facebook is so big it has an algorithm in place that makes it more difficult for you to get seen when you are only just getting started. You have to get the interaction with your audience going in order to move up in the algorithm of Facebook. Using some Facebook advertising to boost your posts or to get likes for your page, is therefore almost essential. It is a great and relatively cheap way to find engaged women in a certain age group and in a specific area and connect them to your store. Once they have liked your page, you can show them all of your great products and services every single day.

So what are the best posts for your bridal store Facebook page?

Creating good Facebook posts and getting people to engage is not difficult, but you do have to use your brain when posting messages. Randomly putting your products and offers online will not get you a lot of likes. I always tell my clients: use social media to really talk and connect to brides. Put yourself in their mindset and post the things you would be interested in if you were a bride yourself. To help you create a great page I will show you the five posts that I love and that always get great results.

  1. Create an album of dresses with a particular theme.

Choose the best 7 or 8 dresses and add a link to the area of the site where they can find more dresses like these. Or add a link to go straight to the page where brides can make an appointment or find your contact details.

Facebook for your bridal store

  1. Post pictures of your best dresses

Brides are on your Facebook because they are looking for a wedding dress. Make sure that you show the best dresses your store has to offer on your page. Don’t forget to show variety and to add your logo to your pictures. When people share your dresses they also share your name! This is very easy to do with a free website called

How did I create the post below?

Go to, choose collage, open the pictures from the front and the back of the dress that you want to show, remove one cell by clicking on the x at the top right corner within the square, and drag the images into the square left and right. You should now have a square image with the front of the dress left and the back on the right. Now click on the paint brush pallet on the left. The top option is spacing and can add or completely eliminate the white area around the picture. Move it all the way to the left. There will be no white space left around the picture. If you like the white then you can leave it like it is. Underneath the picture you see the image size. Unlock the image size by clicking on the image of a lock. You are now able to change the size of the image to whichever size you want it to be. For Facebook the preferred size is 940×788. So change the measurements to this. Just double check that the images are still nicely centered. If you are happy with what you have got and don’t want to add the logo of your store, you can now save at the top. If you want to add the logo proceed by clicking on the edit button at the top. In the editing mode you can add text or images on top of your picture. To add the logo of your store you can choose the butterfly icon on the left. Click on the “your own” button at the top of this box. Butterfly icon on the left. Click on the “your own” button at the top of this box. Select and add your own logo. Drag it to where you like it and place it on top of your image. All you have to do now is save the post. Perfect! You have just created you first perfectly sized and branded Facebook post.

Facebook post for your bridal store

  1. VS. post

A great way to create interaction with your brides is by creating a vs. post. You can now choose two dresses, necklines, accessories or whatever you like and ask the brides on your Facebook which of the two pictures they prefer. Brides love to give their opinion and since brides are now responding to your page, you are going up in the rankings of Facebook. Getting brides to respond to you is very important. It can also give you great information about what brides are really looking for at the moment.

How did I do it?

You already know how to put the images next to each other and put them in the right size. Instead of adding a logo you now want to add a circle and text on top. So go again to the editor, choose the butterfly icon, but now don’t choose add your own, but choose geometric from the options in the box. Here you can choose a circle and pick any color that you like that circle to be. Drag the circle to center of the image and now add text. Choose the Tt button and add your text. You can choose a font on the left and a color on the right. You can now drag this on top of the circle and voila you have the perfect VS. post.

Facebook posts for your bridal store

  1. Real brides

Brides love seeing other brides. If you get pictures of happy customers ask them if you can put these pictures on Facebook. It’s great to show new brides how happy brides are with your store. Don’t forget to ask for permission! (To protect the privacy of this bride I have covered their faces).

Facebook posts for your bridal store

  1. Bride and groom inspiration

Maybe your store also sells suits for grooms. Why not immediately offer some inspiration for the bride and groom by showing how your consultants could be matching the clothes of the groom to the dress of the bride. Even though the groom might not be on your Facebook page, the bride will talk to him about it and will want him to go to your store for this ‘fabulous match’.

Facebook posts for your bridal store

I hope that this article has given you some great ideas to get started with building a Facebook audience. Make your Facebook a great place for brides to find inspiration, while you showcase what you’ve got. When you keep it personal and fun, the bride will already have a great impression of your store.

Please feel free to send me any questions that you might have about this article. I am always happy to help.

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February 13, 2016

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