Pronovias bridal trends for 2016 brides

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016 brides

A lot of you have seen the spectacular Pronovias fashion show a few weeks ago in Barcelona. Personally, I am surprised how their talented team of designers can come up with a new collection of wonderful dresses every single year. The Atelier collection is truly innovative and it shows how Pronovias is still on top of their game when it comes to setting trends in bridal.

So what are the Pronovias bridal trends for 2016 brides?

  1. The illusion back is still strong

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

I absolutely love the illusion back. The lace is applied over a thin layer of tulle, creating the illusion that the lace lays freely on the back. The sexy low-cut back designs will be popular with brides, I am sure of it.

2. Deep V-neckline

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

For 2016 almost every collection that I have seen so far shows lots of deep v-neck lines. Although I know it is not popular with Dutch brides, it will do better in other markets where brides are a little bit more unafraid of exploring.

3. Explosive mermaid dresses

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

I love the mermaid dresses with the explosive skirt of flowers, rushing and lace. The dresses are super tight and show every curve of the bride and at the knee they explode into a glamorous skirt. One of my personal favorites for 2016!

4. Transparent lace

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

Transparent lace is one of the themes for 2016. Not only did we see a lot of transparent lace tops, but the showstopper of the night was an almost completely transparent lace dress!

5. The Cape

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

The cape kind of surprised me because even though it looks elegant, I really don’t think it is very popular amongst brides. It makes it impossible to wear a veil and it is simply very uncomfortable. Personally, I am not a fan of the cape dresses.

6. Flower applications

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

The application with flowers is another trend that I have also seen at other brands for 2016. It gives a very romantic look to the dress. I particularly like the tops that are covered in little flowers. Wonderful.

7. Classics

Pronovias bridal trends for 2016

Every year Pronovias displays some more examples of their signature dresses such as the Lace Mermaid, the Lace A-lines and the Satin and Chiffon dresses in simple timeless designs which are the backbone of the brand.

Visit the Pronovias website for the entire 2016 collection


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February 13, 2016

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