How to use Twitter for your bridal store

How to use Twitter for your bridal store

Twitter was launched in 2012 and has almost 600 million users worldwide. It is a micro blogging site hat limits your posts to 140 characters. A post in Twitter is called a tweet, and around 6000 tweets are send every second! These are some impressive numbers, right? It’s enough reason for many store owners to start tweeting. Unfortunately many store owners don’t know how to use Twitter for their bridal store. Often they just connect their Facebook account to their Twitter account, which is the worst possible idea. Because of the 140 character limit, most of your messages will be cut off. Each social media platform is different and to get the maximum out of them, you should approach each in a unique way, or not use them at all.

I have to admit I’ve only recently picked up Twitter. I was too busy on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and didn’t really understand what new things Twitter could offer me. I would send out some tweets for my customers, but in retrospect they were not great! Now, I utterly love it and as with everything I do, I completely immerge myself and try to learn how other people are doing it and how to get the best results. The thing that was bothering me the most at the beginning – the fact that you can only write 140 characters – is now my favorite thing. It makes me really think hard how to make a point in very little words. So here are some things that I have learned and that I think you’ll be able to use.

Don’t use Twitter as a place to brag

It gets boring really quickly when you can’t stop talking about how you are the best store in the country and tweeting us all of the positive reviews that your brides send you. Please stop! A nice alternative is to create a gallery on your website with the pictures of your happy brides and stories on how much they loved your service. When you enter a new bride into this gallery tweet something like: “The look on Michael’s face was priceless when Gina enter the room in her pink gown #firstlook #bride

This way you get people curious about the story behind your tweet and they will click through and see all of your beautiful brides and stories.

Connect your product to things that are happening at very moment

Maybe it is beautiful weather outside and a great beach day. This offers a great opportunity to remember people of that collection of chiffon dresses in your collection of short dresses. I love this example of Kleinfeld.


Don’t sell all the time

It is perfectly normal that you want to include links to your website and dresses on Twitter all the time, but unfortunately this also gets a bit boring. You have to look at it as storytelling. A story is more interesting when adventure and interesting conversation, and maybe some jokes are mixed together, right? Well this is why you should do the same on Twitter. Maybe you have a blog and you write a fun story about how to prepare for wedding dress shopping or the most beautiful up do’s for the season. Maybe you can just give a quick style tip like: “STYLE TIP: Did you know that a belt around your wedding dress will accentuate your waist and make you look taller? #bridetobe #styletips

Use good quotes

Some days you might not have a lot of inspiration. Why not use a great love quote or wedding quote to brighten up everybody’s day? Google “love quote” and you will get a whole lot of options that you can use. Again don’t use them all day every day, but throw them into your mix of tweets.

Laughter helps

Twitter is light hearted, like a party with friends. Use a little humor when writing your tweets. The things that people will remember or will re-tweet are the things that put a smile on their faces. This tweet is the perfect example of a quote that made me smile by Style Me Pretty. They actually ask people to become a member of their mailing list. Something that nobody in their right mind does anymore, unless you know what they’ll be sending you is really, really good stuff. Somehow this tweet made me want to be part of their list. Well done!

twitter for your bridal store

You are in bridal, make it romantic

Getting married is the ultimate dream of most girls. Use the romance, the dream of brides to make buying a dress fun. I love this post by Affezione bridal.

twitter for your bridal store

There is a lot more things that I can tell you about creating tweets, but start off with these tips and keep reading my blog for more stories. I will tweet you for the next one:-)


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February 13, 2016

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