Selling a wedding dress is a love story

Selling a wedding dress is as ‘simple’ as a boy-girl relationship. Once they fall in love with the way you make them feel, they are going to want to buy that dress with you. This is why you must become a master seducer…right now!

The number one complaint that brides have is that they feel they’re being pushed by the sales person. Being pushy is not from this century. First of all, consumers are generally no longer sensitive to these “old car salesman” tactics, but in the age of social media you can also really damage the reputation of the store by receiving bad reviews.

Look at the bridal sales process as trying to get that boy, the one you have had a crush on for so long, to like you. By being genuine, sweet, cheerful, knowledgeable, helpful and using a little flattery you can win him over, or in this case win her over. So no pushing, just seducing!

I know that consultants find it hard to find the boundary between being friendly, genuine and cheerful and still make the sale. At first sight being genuine and friendly doesn’t seem like traits of successful sales people. However this is only because most of us are still looking at ourselves with the ‘sales is evil’ eye. We associate selling with that pushy sales person from the seventies, the same one that we still see in many movies. Don’t let stereotypes and old ideas hold you back.


The trick to selling while being helpful and genuine is to develop a great sales talk. Without one it will be like falling into a wild river without a raft. Being steered into any direction the bride wants to take you. Have the beginning, middle and end of your sales talk in place. Know exactly when to ask which questions, when to use certain words and don’t forget to perfectly time the “say yes to the dress” question at the end.

If you know your sales talk then everything else about you can be natural, which means you can be completely friendly and helpful. By sticking to your sales talk, while being genuine and fun, you will come across as an expert and you will seduce the bride into buying that dress. No pressure tactics needed.

So remember:

  • Don’t hold yourself back by believing in the myth of the old sales person. Just because you are a sales person doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact it makes you a great person, because as a bridal consultants you literally do make dreams come true.
  • Be genuine, sweet, cheerful, knowledgeable, helpful and use a little flattery, but never forget that you are selling. Stick to your sales talk!

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