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Table of Contents Full Course

Legal notice


  1. Selling bridal in the 21st century
  2. Being Prepared

2.1 The way you look

2.3 The way you move

2.4 What you’re thinking

2.4 How prepared you are

  1. Pros and cons of great bridal consultants

3.1 The qualities of great bridal consultants

3.2 Not such great qualities for a bridal consultant

  1. The Sales Process

4.1 The six steps of the sales process

4.2 Finding brides

4.3 The intake

4.5 Create a profile of the bride

4.6 The Middle

4.7 Inside of the dressing room

4,8 The script for the middle

4.9 Overcoming objections

4.10 Ask for the sale

4.11 Script for asking for the Sale

4.12 After sales

  1. The ingredients of a great sales talk
  2. Specific selling situations in bridal

6.1 the dominant person

6.2 Bride can’t choose between two dresses

6.3 Bride also likes a dress in another store

6.4 Mother of the bride is not there

6.5 Mother or guests advise the bride to think about it

6.6 Bride wants to think about it

6.7 Bride wants to first show the dress to a girlfriend or sister

6.8 You have no chemistry with the bride

6.9 Losing control to large groups

6.10 Bride has an appointment at another store

6.11 This is my first store; I still want to see some more dresses

6.12 The dress is over the bride’s budget

6.13 Bride doesn’t have the money to pay for the deposit

6.14 The bride wants to lose more weight before ordering a dress

6.15 Bride is insecure because of her size

6.16 Mother refuses to give an opinion

6.17 Bride wants a style of dress that doesn’t fit her body type

6.18 Mother vs. daughter style war

6.19 friend had a bad experience at your store

6.20 Bride can buy the dress cheaper online (in China)

6.21 Bride is not getting married until two years from now

6.22 Bride absolutely doesn’t know what she wants

  1. Frequently asked questions by bridal stylists
  2. Ways to improve your selling skills

Step 1: improve your product knowledge

Step 2: Create the perfect sales talk

Step 3: change bad habits into good habits

Step 4: evaluate

Step 5: persistence

step 6: practice, practice and more practice

step 7: goal setting

  1. How to use goal setting
  2. Up-serving
  3. Leadership in sales

11.2 Create a clear vision

11.2 Motivating your team

11.3 Tips for training new bridal stylists

11.4 improve customer service

  1. Helpful tools

12.1 Create a styling book

12.2 The styling box

12.3 Bridal styling tips

12.4 Bridal silhouettes

12.5 Necklines

12.6 Waistline

12.7 Body talk

12.8 Materials

13.The Cheat Sheets


Exercise: differentiate your store

Exercise: Change you belief system

Exercise: intake questions

Exercise roll-play Intake

Exercise: finding the right mini collection

Exercise: Build a bridal vocabulary

Exercise: goal setting

Exercise: Listening

Exercise: “One word-at-a-time”

Exercise: know your brands

Exercise: visualize and write down your sales script

Test your knowledge of the manual

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