Why you should use social media to promote your bridal store

The benefits of being online to promote your bridal store, outweigh the negatives in so many ways that I find it hard to imagine why some shop owners are not getting a website and a Facebook page up and running immediately. I guess they think that placing the occasional ad in a bridal magazine and visiting the occasional trade show is enough. Nowadays social media is so much more valuable than these two combined, and guess what… It is cheaper! Your target group is young women who spend at least three hours a day being active on the Internet. A large percentage of that time is spent on social media. Not being part of this environment can only benefit your competitors! You might say that you don’t have the time or money for social media, however, you are still advertising and visiting or organizing bridal shows, am I right? Social media is free to join and Facebook advertising is still a lot cheaper than buying advertising space in bridal magazines. I am not saying you shouldn’t buy any advertising in magazines, but you should add social media to your marketing plan as a way to promote your bridal store. The infographic at the top of the page should probably convince you already but otherwise here are some of the reasons why:

  1. You can reach more brides.

By making attractive posts that brides can share, you can easily reach 5000 people with one single post on Facebook. Now that is cheap marketing! Though social media you can reach brides from everywhere and promote your bridal store. Your target area becomes much larger.

  1. Great for your SEO and link building

The amount of likes and especially shares of your posts on social media and the click-troughs to your website all contribute to your website’s ranking on google. The higher you get, the easier it is to find you.

  1. Get leads to potential new brides

Every bride that likes you page is a potential new lead for your business. The next step is to create interesting posts that increase brand credibility for your store. Trying to get them to enlist on your e-mail list is another great way of pursuing these new leads. You can now send them an special offer through e-mail for a free accessory or a discount when they buy a dress at your store.

  1. Good branding will improve your reputation

By using social media wisely and interestingly you can improve the reputation of your brand. You can show your store’s vision, your knowledge and passion for bridal through the different media. Good branding will make brides want to be part of your story and buy a dress at your store.

  1. Social media is a great way to hear what people are saying about you

People nowadays often make their decisions on where to go to buy their wedding dress based on reading experiences from other brides on social media. You can read all sorts of comments and responding to them is a great way to interact. Thanking a bride for a great review or offering help to solve any problems is a great way to build a relationships.

  1. Available all day

Bridal magazines are most of the time left at home when people leave for work, but they will take their phones, and often check their social media at least every two hours. This means that with social media you can reach brides all day, every day and promote your bridal store.

  1. With the help of Facebook advertising you can reach very specific target groups

People often think that there is no way with social media to precisely target their audience. It is the opposite. You can use Facebook advertising to target very specific groups. For example you can set up an ad for women in your city, of a certain age who are engaged to be married. This is pretty precise, right? You can even connect your likes to engaged women that have already liked the Facebook page of Pronovias. It doesn’t get more specific than that, I think.

I hope this article has convinced you that it is time to take action and get active online. Postponing it any longer will only make it easier for your competitors to grow, while leaving you behind. Social media is not a thing that will pass, it is only growing more and more every day. With more than 1 billion monthly Facebook users, it is here to stay!

Image: Leverage


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