All of us have obstacles when we are buying products. The bigger and more important the purchase, the more these obstacles increase. The job of a sales person is to help the customer and, in our case, the bride overcome these buying obstacles.

3 key points that will help brides overcoming buying obstacles:

  1. Create instant rapport

Likeability is a key issue when selling anything. A good first impression is therefore essential, but what really creates rapport is when a bride realizes that you are an expert in your field. That you know what you are doing and can help her find the dress of her dreams.

  1. Listen!

Gather intelligence effectively by really listening to what the bride has to say. Ask the right questions and spend most of your time listening. If you figure out exactly what it is she wants, then you will be able to help her the best.

  1. Stick to your sales talk

You have a routine in which you move from one point to the next. Don’t get lost in your talk by going too far off your sales talk. You can improvise a bit and personalize the talk for every bride, but stick to the main frame with your beginning, the middle and the end.


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