After talking to bridal store owners or giving a sales course I often get asked what I think are the most important things to do in order to close a sale. There are many important steps and techniques to follow but there are key points to keep in mind when working with brides.

  1. Start selling right from the beginning

The mistake I see happening more than any other is that consultants start selling only at the end. This is never going to work because you didn’t get the bride into the process of the sale. For as far as she is concerned she is still looking around. In a matter of minutes you go from being her friend who is helping her try on dresses to an evil sales person. If you start getting her ready to buy right from the beginning then you have ten times more of a chance of selling her the dress.

  1. Genuinely have the desire to help EVERY bride find the perfect dress

I can’t emphasize this enough. You have to want to sell the dress to every bride that walks into your shop. Small budget, big budget, friendly, difficult, perfect figure or plus size; you have to commit to finding every bride her dream dress.

Don’t start making excuses the moment a bride walks in to the store about why you can’t possible sell that bride today. You can and you will find her that dress!

  1. Stick to your story, don’t get side tracked

As a consultant you have to develop a story that works for you. You might have to adjust the story a little for every bride, but the basis remains the same. Your story has a beginning, a middle and an end. When you feel that a bride or a guest is getting you away from your story, then take charge and bring her back to your sales talk. Minimize  your private stories or the bribde’s. It can get her mind away from the sale. You are talking about the dress, her wedding, and not about the new house you are buying or the new coffee shop on Main Street. Irrelevant talk will get the focus out of the sale.

  1. Listen!

Most people talk too much. The idea of a sales person is that we talk all the time. A good sales person does the opposite; you listen almost all of the time. Most of the talking from your side is done at the end. Before that, you are only directing and leading the conversation, while listening to what the bride wants and needs. When you are a good listener then you can become a good sales person.

  1. Know your product and be passionate about it

You are selling a very special product for a very special day. Learn all there is to know about brands, materials, styles and shapes. When you can talk about the dress with a passion, the bride is going to trust you much more sooner. At the end of the day, trust will get you that sale.

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