revamp your bridal store

It’s the start of the new bridal season, when new collections arrive and more brides are visiting your store. This is a great time to revamp your bridal store. You might think that this is easier said than done and that’s why I have got some easy to implement tips that will help you re-energize.

Personalize your customer service

The first thing that comes to mind is to evaluate your customer service. How are you approaching your customers? Is it personal enough? Have you done such an amazing job that brides are talking about your store to all of their friends?

One way that always works is to try a more personal approach. People like to feel appreciated. How about creating a super cute ‘Thank you’ card and sending this to every bride that has bought a dress with you a couple of days after the sale. For my bridal accessory webshop we have stickers that we put on the package that say: “Thanks! You are the best”. Or send your brides a card the day after they got married, congratulating them. If a card is too expensive then create a cute mailing that you send out once a week to the brides that got married that week. In a program like Mailchimp it is very easy to personalize every single mailing even if you are sending it in bulk. No matter how nice it is to receive a mail, there is nothing that says “Thank you” more than an old-fashioned post card. Evaluate if your customer service makes bride want to recommend you to other brides.

Improve on your website

Your website is the number one way to promote your store. It’s often the first thing brides see when they get introduced to your brand. Having a great and inviting website will have a huge impact on the decision of a bride to choose your store. What are the essential parts of a great bridal website:

  • The collection should be visible on the site. Brides love browsing through dresses so make sure you add this function to your website.
  • Offer the opportunity to make an appointment. The best way is if they can immediately choose a place and time but even getting them to leave their details so you can call them to make the appointment will do.
  • Add some inspiration to your website. Nowadays brides want to be entertained more than ever. Writing some inspirational blog post will not only inspire your brides to choose you but it is also a great way for brides to find your store through the SEO of these articles.
  • Build your mailing list. I can’t stress to you enough how important it is to collect e-mails of future brides. Maybe you can offer them a discount at your store when they leave their e-mail or a free e-book or something like that. Getting leads and being able to contact them afterwards with an inviting mailing is very valuable.
  • Connect your social to your website. Another way to generate leads and inspire brides is through social media. Make sure that you add your social channels to your site, so brides can follow you.

Start building a social media following

Connect with brides and create a following through social media. Once they are following you, you have the opportunity to reach out to them as often as you like (but no more than three times a day). Through inspiring content, you can convince them that you are the store where they will find their dream dress.

Organize a motivation and bridal sales training day

I recommend stores to organize a sales training once a year. It’s a great way for new consultants to get the information they need and for bridal consultants that have been with you longer it is great for refreshing their knowledge and motivation. An outsider is also always good at seeing things that you don’t see because you are too close to your own stuff. A new person can really evaluate your store and help revamp your bridal store.

Buy 10-20 new bestsellers mid-season

A lot of stores only buy one collection per year. I would advise you to buy the majority of your collection when everybody else does, so you do have those new gowns hanging in your store in September. Next to this I think that you should leave some room in your budget to buy a second collection halfway through the year. You can look into buying some bestsellers that you didn’t get at the beginning and more and more brands are launching a second collection nowadays. It’s not only great for publicity to be able to show that you continuously getting new gowns, but it is also very motivating for your team to be able to work with new styles halfway through the bridal season.

I hope that these 5 ways to revamp your bridal store will help you. Get the bridal sales course: Selling in Bridal now to help your team re-energize for the new bridal season!