Often a bride announces that she first wants to lose weight before purchasing a dress. Is it indeed better for her to wait or can she go ahead and get her dress on time? When a bride still wants to lose weight it is not a problem to go ahead and buy her gown with you already. If anything she should be on time because she might need some extra time for alterations later on.

No use waiting!

A bride should buy her dress the same time as any other bride, about eight months to a year before her wedding day. Explain to her that delivery times for her dress can be up to five months plus alterations on top of that, she simply can’t wait until she has reached her goal weight.

Which Dresses to pick?

If a bride wants to lose a couple of kilo’s it might be best to purchase the gown in the size she is in right now. Making a dress one or two sizes smaller is no problem for alterations, however making it bigger is not always possible. Altering the size of a dress costs money on alterations, so it’s always best to find a dress that is easy adapt.  What to look for:

  • Dresses with sleeves are a lot harder to take in than a strapless gown.
  • A lace up dress gives the opportunity to wear the dress a little smaller or a little bigger.
  • Dresses with a lot of beading are very expensive to alter. All the bead work has to be redone which can get very expensive.
  • An A-line or ball gown skirt is easier to alter than a dress that is fitted to you body.

When a bride wants to lose a lot of weight

If a bride doesn’t just want to lose a couple of kilo’s but she wants to loose 10+ kilo’s, then it is best to order the dress one or two sizes smaller. It can be good motivation for the bride to know that she simply has to lose the weight in order to fit into the dress. The sizing of a gown has a lot to do with the way that a bride is build, but you can more or less say that one size is about 5 kilograms. If a bride wants to lose 15 kilograms then I prefer to order her dress two sizes smaller. It could be three sizes smaller, but I willn’t take the risk. It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Sometimes a bride can lose 15 kilograms but still have a large cup size. Now you need a bigger size to make the dress fit perfectly around her chest and you can easily alter the waist and hips to fit her now smaller figure.

Good news!

Bridal dresses are almost always flattering because of the way that they are structured. So even though a bride might be very insecure about trying on dresses, more often than not she is more secure after trying on the first dress realizing that wedding dresses actually do look good on her.

Last tip

When a bride wants to loose some weight always add this to her contract. Measure her chest, waist and hips at the moment of purchase and her goal of loosing whatever many kilo’s she wants to lose. This way it is clear to you and the bride that she agreed to purchasing the smaller gown.