As a bridal consultant you don’t only have to give advice about the dress but also about shoes, accessories and bridal lingerie.  This advice is not always easy since dresses are changing a lot and low cut back’s, cut out sides and a deep v-necklines are not making things easier. I remember when the first really low cut back dresses arrived in the store and we had to alter all of the lingerie ourselves to fit these gowns. Thankfully many of the suppliers for bridal lingerie are catching up and we are seeing some new options. As a bridal consultant you have to be creative sometimes and there are more ways than one, so don’t get stuck in only the old ways. Mix, match and try out different options. Here are some suggestions that might help.


A gown with a low back like this one by Enzoani makes it impossible to wear a normal bra. In this case is it best to wear some type of adhesive bra that has no straps on the back. This one is by Poirier.


bridal lingerie for specific dress 3

This wedding dress by Rosa Clara is stunnig but it shows off all of the bride’s curves. It’s best to wear some simple shapewear with this like a control short and a strapless bra.

bridal lingerie for specific dress 2

When a gown has a short top and a skirt that will show the bones of the torsolette it’s best to opt for a short version and wear a seamless string with it. This torsolette is by Poirier.

bridal lingerie for specific dress 4

A gown with a V-neck of a sweetheart neckline is best worn with a push-up bra or torsolette (when possible). It will create a much better cleavage. Gowns can be heavy and with a V-neck it’s possible that she can look flat chested. The push up will give the bride more confidence.

  bridal lingerie for specific dress 5

A seamless torsolette is great with classic satin gowns like this one by Rosa Clara. It will give the bride enough grip to carry such a heavy gown and it will help shape the figure and the bust.

bridal lingerie for specific dress 7

Sometimes it’s not even neccesary or possible to wear a bra. It can be sufficient to wear some push-up cups. These lightweight push-up cups are made of special foam rubber. They are easy to use and effectively push up the bust, resulting in an attractive décolleté. These push-up cups can be sewn into the lingerie or gown.

bridal lingerie for specific dress 7

This adorable bohemian gown by Marylise is made of a lightweight fabric chiffon. It will be difficult to find underwear that will cover the belly and not show through the dress. I think a simple shapewear slip like this one is sufficient in most cases.

This bra by Di Lorenzo is specifically made for low cut wedding dresses like this one by Stella York. It also exists in bigger cups sizes, so it will be very helpful for your brides.

I hope these tips can help you give great advice to brides. Bridal lingerie is the finishing touch and will in many cases enhance the gown so please take your time to get it just right.