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Selling in Bridal

Selling in Bridal is a training course written from the perspective of one bridal consultant to another and contains all of the specific sales techniques used in bridal. ‘Selling in Bridal’ is more than just a sales techniques book. I gives consultants the tools, the motivation and the confidence needed to deal with the many different types of situations a bridal consultant must face to close a sale. After reading these manuals, I am sure your consultants will be more confident and you’ll have more sales! What do you get:

  • Sales manual with all of the sales theory and techniques you need
  • One manual about sales technique and one manual about styling brides
  • Examples of situations specific for bridal sales
  • Immediate downloadable
  • One week money back guarantee

What clients say about us

“It was Fleur’s Selling In Bridal Manual, training guide, that helped overcome the objections that I had faced and gave me the motivation and confidence to help others on our team to be the best bridal stylists they could be. I loved using the workbook with our team and really enjoyed roll playing to create different scenarios that relate to brides. I would without a doubt recommend Selling In Bridal Manual as a great tool to add to your boutique.”

Dominique Paquette, Ottawa, ON Canada

“We worked with Fleur’s manual on several occasions and recently got her in to our stores to train our sales team. She gives the team so much information and builds their confidence in a way that we have not been able to do ourselves. Great experience and we would recommend her training to anyone.”

Tim van der Velden, Weddings Bruidsmode & Honeymoon shop, Rotterdam

“My teams have really enjoyed studying Fleur’s wonderful manual “Selling in Bridal”. We have implemented several of her wonderful ideas into our selling process. Right from the “intake”through the whole process Fleur’s guidance makes great sense and really has helped all of my staff improve their skills. The manual while being very practical is also filled with fun and humour. I would strongly advise this manual to be used in every bridal shop.”

Frances McElwain, Belladonna Bridal Galway & The White Room , Mullingar Ireland

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