My name is Fleur Kolk. I have been working in bridal sales and marketing for 13 years. During this time I developed my own skills, but also have helped my customers develop theirs. I feel that an educated customer is better equipped to not only be successful but also a better partner in determining strategy for their stores or brands success.

Selling in Bridal is in the business of helping bridal entrepreneurs grow. We work with a team of writers, social media and online marketing experts and myself as bridal sales expert. We are constantly looking for ways to help you dominate over your competition.

Our clients are mostly in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, but I we are aiming to grown into a company supporting bridal entrepreneurs worldwide.

Next to marketing I have also written a manual on bridal sales called “Selling in Bridal”.

I worked as a manager for a large bridal store in the Netherlands for six years. When I started working in bridal it was like coming home. That feeling that everything makes sense all of a sudden. After being a nightclub owner, a vintage clothing store owner and an art gallery owner it was about time for something to stick!

While working at the store I always felt that I needed to write down the things that I had learned. In 2013 I decided to do just that and start my own business as a bridal sales trainer. I published the first edition of my book in 2014 and have added extra information to the book four times. Volume 4 is now for sale!

If you have an interest in working with us growing you business either in marketing or sales, send us a mail and we will make it happen!

Have a great day and check out our blog since it full of free content for your business!