cross-selling bridal accessoiries

Cross-selling invites brides to buy complementary items. When cross-selling your mind is set on creating the perfect complete look for your bride. Her wishes and needs are your priority. If at the end of your appointment you try to sell the bride all sorts of extra products she might not need and they don’t fit her overall look then chances are she will find your suggestions annoying. She will feel that you are only concerned with increasing profit or perhaps on increasing your bonus for the month. Cross-selling done right often gives you the same result but also creates a win-win situation for you and the bride. Don’t forget you are there to create the best possible experience for every bride that comes into the store!

Increasing your income by cross-selling bridal accessories

With cross-selling, it is possible to make almost the same amount of money again by selling the bride a complete set of accessories. Say a bride buys a dress for 1500 euros and you also sell her a veil for 250 euros + bridal shoes for 150 euros + jewelry for 200 euros + lingerie for 150 euros this equals 750 euros! If you don’t use this opportunity you will loose out on a lot of extra income for your store.

Why cross-selling should be done during the appointment and not after

Most bridal consultants focus heavily on selling the wedding dress and start cross-selling bridal accessories after the dress is sold. Already using accessories during her appointment makes cross-selling a lot easier. This is why:

1. The bride can see how she will look on her wedding day. This “complete picture” will stir up more emotions which will substantially increase the chances of her buying the dress.
2. By creating a complete picture, you will also increase your chances of selling the accessories she is wearing with the dress.

I sometimes use accessories with the first dress to increase the initial wow effect, but I definitely use accessories at the end with the dress that the bride likes best and is most likely to buy. I want to enhance the wow factor.

How to use cross-selling

1. Keep the options limited. More options do not necessarily mean more sales. Brides often get overwhelmed by all of the choices that they have to make. Show her a couple of good options, listen to her response and only show her more if necessary.
2. Use items that fit well together. If you have a matching set of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet, chances are she will buy all three. If they don’t match she might only purchase the earrings and continue looking for more jewelry elsewhere.
3. Know your brides. Don’t try to sell a standard set of jewelry to a boho bride. She is looking for something unique. Show her a hair vine, a headband or those open sandals to match her look. Be aware of what different types of brides are looking for.
4. Don’t overdo it. Don’t sell her items she doesn’t need or want. Your credibilty is on the line when you start selling her all sorts of things she doesn’t need.

Cross-selling is an extra service

Personally, I never feel that cross-selling is difficult. I have always focused on creating a complete and awesome look for every bride that walked into the store. Letting her shop for accessories elsewhere could only ruin the look that I had in mind for her. When a bride realizes that you are there to help her find her style, her attitude will be nothing but appreciative.

The extra service you offer for completing her look will create a win-win situation. The bride will be happy with the extra service and her complete wedding-day look. You will make extra money while including another happy bride to your “curriculum”.

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