Next to the regular timeline of Instagram you can also use the Instagram stories option. I have found this to be a really awesome way to tell the story of your business but also to get people to interact with you. You can just post an image with a catchy text but also share polls, competitions, ask questions and so on. There are too many options to explain in one blog post, but I will share some of my favorites with you.

Create a poll, a quiz or ask a question?

To get people to have fun with your Instagram and interact with you it’s a great idea to ask them questions. You can do this with a quiz or a poll. A popular poll is to ask brides which dress out of two dresses is their favorite. You can create a post in and post this to your stories using the option “poll” and type in your question. Another one that i love to use is the  slide with the “heart eyes” emoticon. You can post a dress that you like and ask brides how much they love the dress. The can move the slide all the way to the right if they absolutely love it or somewhere in the middle depending on how much they like it. The third option that I like to use is “the quiz”. You can ask two or three questions and give one wright and one or more wrong answers. You can ask a question related to wedding dresses or something related to bridal shopping like: “How long is the average delivery time of a wedding dress?” In the dashboard you can choose all of these different options and more. Follow the instruction underneath and try to create one for your Instagram account.

Use a Design

To create a recognizable look for your store it’s good to choose a design for your posts. You can either add your logo or you can choose shapes that just make your story look a bit more professional. If you have no design skills there is a super easy and free tool called Canva A bit further down in the article I will explain how to use Canva.

Create an educational series

Lately I have been experimenting with Instagram story series. I choose a theme and create a series of stories around it. This series I created for a Dutch bridal store gives tips on how to style your wedding dress. By adding a next button from the icons on the dashboard you can stimulate people to follow the series all the way to the end. You can create a series on veil styles, silhouettes, tips for finding your dream dress and so on. It’s a really cool idea to use Instagram stories to tell stories.

Show Brides that have bought a dress

Your stories are a great place to show brides that have bought a dress with you. Personally I don’t like using these pictures in my Instagram timeline, this is reserved for dresses, but it’s really great for stories. You can create a cute “I said Yes” sign or chalkboard or like the stores that I work for something a bit more extravagant;) Brides like seeing other brides, so this works well! Showing brides that buy dresses with you also enhances the confidence of brides in your store.

How to use for creating stories?

With Canva you can not only make cool stories, but also great Facebook covers and posts. There are a lot of templates that you can use and adjust and it immediately makes everything look more professional. I would however recommend to stick to one set of templates and not constantly change your look and feel. Follow the pictures below as an instruction on how to create your own stories.

This is an example of how you can use template and make it your own by using your own pictures.

I hope these tips will help you create fun stories and engage your audience. However maybe this all feels a bit to daunting and you need some more helps getting brides through the door then send us a mail, because my marketing agency can help set up a marketing strategy for your bridal business and help you get more brides through the door. We provide a marketing service starting at 500 euros a month.