In the second manual which is part if my complete course Selling in Bridal I talk about styling brides. The manual holds lots of great examples on how to transform a dress to a bride’s wishes. Since there can never be enough inspiration as a bridal stylist I have selected some more unique styling tips to show you.

A decorated leather jacket

Combine romance with cool with a little pink leather jacket. At Green Wedding Shoes you can get the jacket decorated like this one.

Pink jacket via Green Wedding Shoes

A lace up ribbon in your wedding theme color(s)

A seamstress can make this ribbon in every color of the rainbow. It’s a great option for a bride with a theme color.

Buttons and belt in a color

Are there buttons over de back of the dress? It can look really nice to work with color for the buttons and the sash.

Buttons and belt via Pinterest

Lace top over a strapless dress

When a bride wants to look modest for the ceremony a lace jacket can give her the coverage that a strapless dress doesn’t provide. Before the party she can take the top off.

Color your shoes and wear a belt in the same color

Many wedding shoes nowadays can be colored by the supplier. You can choose every possible color and combine this with a colorful sash and matching jewelry.

A pink petticoat for a short vintage gown

Wear a colored petticoat under a short vintage frock.

Layers of colored tulle underneath your gown

A seamstress can add layers of colored tulle underneath your wedding dress.

Pink petticoat via Pinterest

Add a sparkling brooch

Instead of a belt try a sparkling brooch. It will look a bit more unique.

Wear a statement necklace

Big this wedding season are the statement necklaces. Be careful with other jewelry. Keep the focus on the dress and the necklace.

A jacket made with of sparkling fabric

For a bit of glamour add a jacket made off sparkling fabric.

Via Pinterest

Wear a reverse necklace

The perfect accessory for a dress with a low back is a reverse necklace.

Reversed necklace via In White

A pink veil

So gorgeous this pink veil. I guess you could choose any color for this, although my heart is set on this pink one:)

Pink veil via Etsy

A cardigan in a color

A winter bride can add a colored cardigan to her bridal look. It looks great in pictures.

Via Ruffled

One or more statement bracelets

A mix of bangles or a large statement bracelet is another trend for 2019. It transforms the look to a more fashionable style.

Statement bracelet via Em the Ge