The #hashtag is an important way to communicate online. Hashtags were first used on Twitter, but have now spread to other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It groups articles from a certain subject together, so people that are looking for that subject can easily find it. To promote this article I could use the hashtag #bridal or maybe #bridalboutique or #bridalbusiness. I will probably use all of them. It will pop up on the screen of someone searching on #bridalbusiness. That’s how easy it is. For your bridal store you have to use hastags that are related to brides. You have to figure out the best hashtags in bridal.

I love using hashtags, especially on Twitter and Instagram and since I know people constantly use hashtags to search the internet, it would be stupid of me not to use them. There are mainly two successful ways to use hashtags:

  1. Create super unique hashtags that make people smile and perhaps use it themselves. This is a great way to create a buzz about a product or event. Unfortunately it is easier said than done, because you first have to get people to notice the hashtag before it can start creating that buzz. However, if your brand is already more established then you could certainly try to use this approach. Either way, your followers will appreciate a little humor in your hashtags, so go for it, even if you are not big! #NevertoOldtoSmile
  2. The best way to get attention is to use hashtags that are popular for your subject so people can find your articles or products easier.

So which hashtags should you use in bridal? There are some websites (I use ritetag) that can tell you what good hashtags are and which ones are overused. It even tells you how many times per hour a certain hashtag is used, how many times it is retweeted per hour and how many views per hours this hashtags could get. Of course this is really great information when determining which hashtags to use. Personally I like making a combination of funny unique hashtags and some popular ones that could potentially give me lots of readers.

I have put together a list of hashtags that you can use to target an audience that is interested in bridal related subjects. These 10 hashtags will give you the best possible chance to be found in “the jungle” that is called the internet.

  1. #wedding
  2. #weddingdress
  3. #style
  4. #bride
  5. #brides
  6. #weddingphoto
  7. #weddingdresses2015
  8. #weddingphotograph
  9. #weddingwednesday (obviously on Wednesdays)
  10. #instawed

Good luck hashtagging and if you have a great hashtag that you are willing to share, leave it in the comments.