The associations that a lot of people still have with selling are often negative. Selling is often still associated with the fast-talking car salesman or the pushy older lady in a luxury woman’s boutique. I remember when I started working in sales that I felt almost uncomfortable telling people about my new job, expecting that they would respond in a negative way. I guess this feeling or impression that I had about my job was also obvious to brides. remember not doing such a great job when I first started out. It was not until I let go of this feeling of the “evil sales person” and just started helping brides find a great dress the best way I could, that I started really selling dresses.

Now, what is important when helping brides find that perfect dress? Here are the most important steps on how to sell wedding dresses.

Ethical Guidelines

In order to sell wedding dresses and be successful at it you need some ethical guidelines in your store.

1. Never pressure a bride to do something she shouldn’t do.
2. Never pressure a bride to buy a dress that she shouldn’t be buying.

You know that type of bride that you know you can sell because you have the entire family on your side, but deep down you know that this simply is not her dress. It’s not THE ONE. Be kind and tell the bride to keep looking. Every bride deserves that special dress on that special day. If you are honest about your feelings and explain that the bride would be buying this dress to please her family then you will get the value of that dress paid out in love and respect by the bride and her family, trust me. Next timeanyone in that family needs a dress, guess where they are going!

First Impressions in selling

In sales a good first impression is everything. It’s not just about introducing yourself no you have to establish three things in a matter of seconds:

1. Show enthusiasm. The bride has to know that you are excited to help her find that gown.
2. Sharp. Demonstrate immediately that you know your stuff.
3. Become an authority figure. People are taught to listen to authority figures and will start to pay attention immediately.

Build Rapport

Tonality + Body Language = Rapport

Rapport is one of the most important things you have to gain when you are trying to sell wedding dresses. It’s the art of getting on the same wavelength as the bride you are selling to. Rapport is unconscious and is reached through tonality and body language.
1. Tonality
You have to speak like an influencer and effectively apply tonal patterns that will control the bride’s inner dialogue. You have to make her think exactly what you want her to think. Tonality is the most important way to influence and persuade another human being. More about this in the following chapters.
2. Body Language
Body language is a lot more than how you carry yourself. It’s about managing the space and time around you. This includes non-verbal communication, matching and mirroring behavior and taking the lead. Keep eye contact at least 72 percent of the time. Less than that and trust will drop. Don’t stand too close to the bride, give her some space.

Use a script for your sales talk

There is no other way to do this well other than using a script. Yes after a
There is no other way to do this well other than using a script. Yes, after a while you won’t need the script, but certainly, as a starting consultant you have to write down what it is you want to say. This will keep you focused and not let you get sidetracked too much.
When you start to feel like the bride is chatting away and getting you too far off from where you should be in your script, immediately refocus to where you are in the script and keep going. It’s always good to have a little chatter about her hobbies and so on, but don’t let her sidetrack you to far because you will lose focus!
The biggest mistake that you can make as a salesperson is talking too much about your life. The only thing that will help you get the sale is if you show them you are an expert, that you are listening to her needs and that you come up with solutions. In sales problems start when you are talking more than you are listening.

Gather intelligence right away

What type of dress is she looking for? Where does she get married? What does her fiancé like? What is her budget? Has she tried on dresses before? Get the key information in at the beginning. Start off with the more general questions and refine your questions later, to get more specific.

Gain trust

Use language patterns that will remove negatives and gain trust. Use sentences like: “I will hold your hand every step of the way, I am going to show you the ins and outs. It’s a long-term relationship, all the way up to your wedding day. Believe me, I have worked with hundreds of brides before, or I am here to help.” Don’t forget people want to do business with people that they like and trust.

Overcome Buying Wounds

Every person has buying wounds based on former experiences, these can create limiting believes about buying. Sometimes this is an experience at a different store, maybe when buying a kitchen, but in our case, it is more often a friend that got married before. They often tell the bride to not buy at the first store or to think about it first. She now has a voice in her head telling her not to buy. You can overcome this only by:

1. Find her the perfect dress
2. Make it logical for her to buy now
3. Overcome her objections by looping effectively

Use Looping

Looping is a technique made big by Jordan Belfort in his sales course ‘Straight Line Persuasion’. It’s a valuable course that I have used in many ways to improve my own sales technique, but looping is one of the best things in the course.

Looping: To return to a particular part of the sales talk to emphasize the reasons why the prospect should love the product, the salesperson and the company.

When you get to the end of the sale but you can feel that the bride isn’t quite
there yet then you can use looping. It basically means that you have tried one way, now you have to go back and try a new approach. You still haven’t been able to take away the objection, so you go back and take on a new approach.

For example:
If it had been…If it had been your sister standing here wearing the perfect dress you would have probably recommended her to say yes to the dress right?
Does it make sense to you? Does it make sense to you that you love this dress, as much as you say you do and you see yourself getting married in this dress, yet you would go home without it tonight?
What I can do for you. What I can do for you besides finding you the perfect dress is to offer you great service and guidance all the way up to your wedding day. We have our own in-store seamstresses that will make sure the dress fits you perfectly on your wedding day. We also have an “all on one shopping” policy so we can finish your look with the perfect accessories right here. All this will save you a lot of time and stress to let us take care of all of your bridal concerns.

Close the Sale

When it is time to close the sale four things have to be in place:

1. The bride has to love the dress
2. The bride has to like and trust you
3. The bride has to like and trust the store you work for
4. The dress is inside of her budget


This was Selling in Bridal in short. Get the bridal sales course now and and learn everything
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