A lot of bridal consultant have been in the business for years and they are selling regularly to brides and things are steady at the shop. You don’t see a problem with the level of the bridal consultant skills in your store, so why invest in bridal consultant sales training? I understand that things are going well, but what if they could go from well to great? What if by tweaking little things in the sales talk or giving your bridal consultants just a tiny bit more knowledge could improve your income by ten percent? This would be awesome right?

An objective look is helpful

I think bridal sales trainers are not there to mess up the vibe or flow of your store, they only try to make small changes that could potentially have great impact. When you are working in your bridal store every day you lose the ability to be objective, and this is why an outsider can be very helpful. Not only for the bridal sales team, but also for you as the manager of your store. They see the little things that you don’t see, and they can break patterns, because for them it’s a whole lot easier to point a bridal consultant to a specific behavior then it is for you as her colleague.

So many unwanted patterns

When bridal consultants start selling wedding dresses they immediately create patterns. They often keep repeating these patterns, no matter if they are useful or not, simply because they are not aware of them. Recently I was working with a bridal consultant who in her introduction kept saying: “Is this only the first store you are visiting?” I asked her to rephrase this question and say: Is this the first time you are trying on wedding dresses? I asked her this because I don’t want to give brides the impression that it’s common or essential to visit more than one bridal store. If the right dress is there, then you stop looking!

At the next appointment she did it again and after I returned two weeks later she was still saying it. She didn’t even notice. It took a couple of weeks before she finally rephrased the sentence and she really understood why it was not working.

Too busy for in dept information

Bridal stores can get busy and there is often little to no time with new people to really learn about the business of wedding dresses: What are the fabrics? Know the brands and styles? What does a certain silhouette do to a figure and so on? More than a good sales talk it’s important to be knowledgeable. You have to be able to inform brides, lead them through the maze of hundreds of gowns to choose from and while you are at it, give some advice about lingerie and shoes, it’s crazy really! Brides sense if a consultant knows her stuff. Some brides come in and are very well informed about everything bridal. If you are not at least at the same level as her then you have a problem. A bridal sales trainer can quickly get an idea about your consultants’ level of bridal knowledge and help them wherever she can. Only a bridal consultant with the proper knowledge will in the long run have the confidence to be a great sales person.


If nothing else a day with a bridal consultant can really boost the motivation of a team. They see a person that is so excited about selling dresses and they remember why they choose this job to begin with. They start believing in themselves again and get a whole lot of new energy. This is a massive benefit of organizing a bridal sales training for you consultants.

Selling in Bridal

The E-book selling in bridal is a great tool to keep this motivation going. Print a copy and place it in your shared kitchen or print more and hand one out to each of them. The consultants can reed passages and talk about it with each other. It will provide little motivational triggers and a whole lot of knowledge that they’ll be able to use immediately. Read more about the E-Book.