While visiting a lot of different bridal stores I came to the conclusion that there are three reasons why bridal consultants are not selling as good as they should be:

1) They have no prepared sales talk

2) They are not asking for the sale

3) They don’t have enough product knowledge

Today I want to talk about this first point: “They have no sales talk”. Often when I ask stylists about their sales talk they look at me with a confused look. What do you mean a sales talk? Every bride is different so I approach each bride in a different way. So I ask: I understand, but you must have a structure where you build every conversation on, right? Yeah maybe, but I haven’t really thought about it. This is the problem for a lot of stylists. They have not given any thought about if what they are saying is effective, if it contains the right kind of information and most importantly, if it is leading the bride to say “yes”.

Your sales talk is like the toolbox of a carpenter; without great tools, you can’t create great work. Walking up to a new bride knowing what you are going to say even feels different from walking up to a bride and making it up as you go along. You’ll feel way more confident as soon as you have developed a great talk. All of that anxiety about all of the things that could possible happen or go wrong are gone, because you are in control now, you already know what is going to happen. You have a script for this. You might not be able to completely determine if this meeting will end up in a sale, but you can determine how this appointment will take place.

The ingredients of a great sales talk will set you apart from the competition, gain the attention of the bride and position you as an expert in your field. A bride might have visited many stores before you, so in order to make an impression, you have to at least make sure your talk is interesting, right? So what should the content of a sales talk contain?

The content of a great sales talk:

  • Is client-centered. What can you do for the bride?
  • Contains what makes you different from your competitors
  • Makes the bride want to be part of your story
  • Contains only information that is relevant for the bride
  • Moves from start to finish without distractions
  • Contains a clear request to buy the dress

If you want to know about how to write a great sales talk, check out my bridal sales manual: Selling in Bridal. It will explain to you not only which words to use in your sales talk but it will explain all of the above steps of what the content of a great sales talk should be. Click here for more information.